Shoulders Exercises

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11 Killer Shoulder Exercises

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Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Exercises. I am a certified personal trainer and Nutrition & Wellness Specialist. Fitness is my passion and huge part of my life. I love everything to do with aesthetics, whether improving my own body or my clients. I try to improve mentally and physically every day. I am addicted to the sense of accomplishment, whether a routine or monumental task, it still gives me a sense of pride. The satisfaction I get from helping a client overcome a mental or physical limitation is something I cannot put into words. I really love what I do.

Shoulder Workouts. I hate to break it to you, but bench presses and bicep curls alone will not get you the buff upper body you’re after. A nice pair of muscular and well-defined shoulders will help balance out your frame, improve your posture and make you look great in a tank top come summertime. So I’ve compiled a list of 11 killer shoulder exercises to help you do just that. I recommend you pick 3 or 4 exercises per workout session and three sets of 8 to 12 reps for each exercise that you choose.

Shoulder workouts. Many guys like to work their traps when working deltoids (shoulders). That’s fine if you prefer this. If so, include one exercise of barbell or dumbbell shrugs. Personally I choose to work my traps along with my back.

I had a long description for each exercise, but youtube wouldn’t let me save it because it was too long. Here is a list of shoulder exercises for men in order. A simple google search for each one will deliver you detailed instructions

1) Seated Barbell Military Press

2) Smith Front Press

3) Barbell Indy Press

4) Around the Worlds

5) Steering Wheels:

6) Weight Plate Front Raise:

7) Straight Bar Incline Bench Front Raises

8) Seated Dumbbell Military Press

9) Dumbbell Side Laterals

10) Standing Bent Over Dumbbell Reverse Side Laterals:

11) Seated Dumbbell Bent Over Reverse Side Laterals:

There are other variations and shoulder exercises for men you can perform, but this is a good starting point. Make sure to pay attention in the gym and take precautions. It is easy to get injured if you are not alert of yourself and those around you. Most important of all, keep your lower back as straight as possible and pick up the weight using your legs.

Shoulder Exercises

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