Boxing Technique

Boxing writer and trainer Gordon Marino shared another boxing tip that Mike Tyson passed along. Marino said, “I was interviewing Mike for an article but just before I left I pestered him to give me a tip to pass along to the kids I train in Minnesota. I often do this when I am interviewing great boxers.

There are usually a couple of moves or combos that are at the core of a great fighter’s repertoire and they are happy to pass the knowledge along as soon as someone asks.

Marino continued, “Mike was generous and quick to respond. He said, ‘One of my favorite knockout combos went like this. You jab hard to the solar plexus a few times. And then you feint that same jab. Now the counter to a jab to the body is a right hand, so when you feint the jab the other guy will go to fire a right – so he’ll be coming in and just as he does, Blam. You nail him with a straight right. Because he has all his momentum coming forward it will double the impact of the shot. Mike added, the best right hand that I ever threw may have been in my knockout of Botha, the “White Buffalo” ‘

There are a lot of boxing tips that only work when you have the experience and skill of an elite. But this one is effective and easy to pick up and it will do it’s job even if the opponent does not try to counter with a right hand.
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