Boxing Clothing – Boxing Apparel – Fashionable, Stylish & Modern Clothing for the Boxing Industry – Bound Boxing is a fast-growing brand of Boxing & MMA inspired t-shirts & apparel.
With a focus on quality apparel and stylish, unique designs, Bound Boxing also makes sure to keep all of our apparel affordable for the average person.

Bound Boxing makes clothes for MMA and boxing fans and fighters, inspired by the lifestyle and the attitude of the industry. We’re not afraid to be bold and edgy, and we know that you’re not either. Our goal is to make our products affordable and accessible so that everyone can enjoy them. Looking good and feeling great in our t-shirts won’t set you and your budget back, and that’s a promise we plan to keep.

We’re a small business located in San Diego, Ca., and like many other parts of the U.S. it’s a region that’s been hit hard by the economic downturn. We take pride in providing jobs and business opportunities for those in the area, and we look forward to growing, expanding and providing even more for the local community in the future. We hope to become one of the region’s building blocks on its path back to prosperity.

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